June 21, 2075

I woke up this morning and found myself laying next to a scantily clad woman whose name I knew, but whom I did not know how to address.  Sweetie?  Darling?  Stephanie?  Do people say each other’s names in the mornings?  I was so confounded and perplexed by this question as to be virtually paralyzed.  I also suddenly could not remember whether I was supposed to say “good morning” before addressing her by whatever name I could not remember at the moment to address her by.  I mumbled good morning and asked if she had slept well, hedging my bets by combining the articulation of various syllables from her name with those of various terms of endearment.  Whatever it was that I said--something like, “Sto Ee Ho Dar Nie”--it was virtually inaudible in any case.  She seemed chipper enough even though she said she had been kept awake by my snoring.  At this, she laughed.  I believe she was making a joke but I will need to remember to trace any instances of this joke in the archives of the conversations that I have between Alel and Stephanie.


June 22, 2075