June 10, 2075

She looked like any other SubUrban resident: fully androgynous shirt and pant set, bald, eyes slightly glassy from the daily psychopharmeceuticals necessary to maintain optimum conditions for psychogenetic programming. Human hair is allowed to grow freely in UR1s.  Wigs are highly coveted in SURs and can be worn only on holidays. 

She is not all that important.  What is important is her name.  Hamilton is such a common name, one would think there would be few red flags raised if I simply initiated the name change process.  However, legally and on legal documents, such a name change can only occur in instances of marriage, divorce, naturalization, or by court order.  In addition, the marriage will give me time to rehearse my role as husband and ensure the proper orchestration of my death and post-mortem.


June 12, 2075