May 16, 2075

I watch Alel.  I watch him open the door to his private transport mechanism and usher his children inside of it so they can visit one of their properties in a Designated Rural Region Area for a brief respite from the Urban Region.  It is only because of the sale of a property like theirs in a DRRA that I am able to survive.  The cost of living is so high here that I have not been out of the confines of this Urban Region since the non-death of my parents.  That the conditions of my life compared to those in various Sub-Urban Regions is of a magnitude better (assuming that one believes unmedicated consciousness is synonymous with living), I know.  But am I really living in the true sense of the word if the distance between my experiences and those of Sub-Urban residents is as vast as that between Alel and myself?  

We now live in a world where every square inch has been photographed, coded, and stored.  Any place and any time is retrievable by longitude, latitude, or other variables:  smell, taste, color, sensation, date, time.  There is also a database of memories from actual visitors documenting the prior significance of these locations for those who now visit only virtually. As a result, I can, ostensibly, live anywhere and be anyone, but what I desire is the knowledge and understanding of where I actually live.  Access to the real is what this exchange with Alel will make possible.

May 18, 2075